He is responsible for education and training in Cologne, referee observer in the DFB division and works as a lecturer and freelance journalist.

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He is responsible for education and training in Cologne, referee observer in the DFB division and works as a lecturer and freelance journalist.

The criminality of the handball did not have to be assessed first, it was automatically determined because a goal was scored immediately afterwards. The fourth situation that aroused the anger of Schalke came after 84 minutes when Goncalo Paciencia with the ball from the left penetrated into the Mainz penalty area. Moussa Niakhaté held and tugged a little on the Schalke’s jersey in the fight for the ball and finally captured the ball with his left foot; at that moment Paciencia went down with plenty of theatricality. It is doubtful that the stop was the cause of the fall, and the rulers of the International Football Association Board (Ifab) recently pointed out that a slight stop, which does not significantly prevent the opponent from moving, is not should be punished. “” Collinas Erben “” – this is Germany’s only referee podcast, founded and operated by Klaas Reese and Alex Feuerherdt.

He deals with the rules of football, the decisions of the referees and the backgrounds and depths of refereeing. “” Collinas Erben “” write every Monday on n-tv.de about the referee services of the Bundesliga match day. Our author Alex Feuerherdt has been a referee since 1985 and directed games up to the top league. He is responsible for education and training in Cologne, referee observer in the DFB division and works as a lecturer and freelance journalist. That Patrick Ittrich allowed to continue playing was therefore justifiable, the fact that the process of holding was quite obvious does not change that. A penalty would not have been a completely wrong decision, but it would have been an inappropriately tough one.

In any case, there was no need for the video assistant to intervene. Nevertheless, the Schalke team foamed, which may have been mainly due to the fact that they had previously had to accept exactly such an inappropriately hard penalty – and now were of the opinion that measured with different standards, but since a concession decision for the referee is always a bad one The idea is – because he does not iron out a mistake, but only commits another one – and therefore retired, the crux of the matter was the second penalty decision for the Mainz team and, above all, the lack of intervention by the VAR. In the other controversial scenes, both the cooperation between the referee and the video assistant and the respective final decision fit.

That should not be forgotten in all the excitement. Source: ntv.de “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on Bavaria The corona crisis also plunges companies in need that had no problems before the pandemic . Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hesse therefore propose to offset profits from earlier years with current losses even more than before.biology essay service Finance Minister Scholz has so far responded negatively. Surprising turnaround in Augsburg: At first, the police suspect that a young couple is in a dispute at one The 19-year-old woman has now been issued an arrest warrant against her 27-year-old companion.

A dispute breaks out at a bus stop in Augsburg, and a 28-year-old dies as a result. The two suspects can initially flee. Now the forces arrest a 19-year-old woman and her 27-year-old partner. They should be presented to the investigating judge as soon as possible. Strict rules apply in the two German districts currently hardest hit by the corona pandemic.

While these were introduced in Hildburghausen, Thuringia, in the middle of the week – and the incidence value is now falling again for the first time – they apply in Passau from today. In Augsburg, a 28-year-old and a couple apparently clash at a bus stop. The man is killed in the process. The couple can escape undetected. The manhunt is ongoing.

The seven-day incidence is particularly high in Passau, Bavaria. The city reacts to this and imposes a strict curfew and other corona measures. You may only leave your own apartment in exceptional cases. CSU General Secretary Blume believes a further extension of the partial lockdown is possible. The renouncement of skiing this year is a “” privation “” that is worthwhile.

A dispute has broken out over skiing holidays in Europe. While Austria wants to allow the snow slopes at least during the holidays, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder is sticking to the ban and making it clear: Anyone who crosses the border for even a day of skiing must be in quarantine. Large parts of Bavaria, but also other regions of Germany as well as the capital Berlin, are special corona problem areas.

Despite three-week partial lockdowns, they show incidences of over 200. According to the will of the federal and state governments, even more drastic measures should take effect here. For a long time Bornash disease has only been known in farm animals. In the meantime, however, it has been confirmed: In humans, the viruses cause brain inflammation, which in almost all cases is fatal. This year there were more victims.

A new study now provides information about the transmission routes. This time the countries are going into consultations with the Chancellery with their own Corona wish list. As a precautionary measure, some Prime Ministers have stated that they do not want school policy to be dictated from Berlin. Only Bavaria makes it clear: Merkel should tighten the measures.

Christmas with the family – with a pre-quarantine this should be safer according to the will of the countries. Therefore, after NRW, the two southern German federal states and Lower Saxony are now extending the holidays for school children by two days forward. Saxony-Anhalt is hanging on for a few days. In the pandemic, many consumers prefer to shop in online shops.

This is also felt by suppliers of luxury brands. In view of the ringing tills, the Munich dealer Mytheresa now wants to get serious about his stock market plans. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the subject of homicides Surprising turnaround in Augsburg: At first the police suspect that a young couple killed a man together in a dispute at a bus stop. Now the arrest warrant is issued for the 19 -year-old woman – the investigators drop the suspicion of a crime against her 27-year-old companion, and an argument breaks out at a bus stop in Augsburg, and a 28-year-old dies.

The two suspects can initially flee. Now the forces arrest a 19-year-old woman and her 27-year-old partner. They should be presented to the investigating judge as soon as possible. When cannibalistic acts become known, they seem unique – in their cruelty and monstrosity.

But cannibals are not that rare. At the beginning of September two men meet in Berlin, in the end one of them is dead. What happened between the victim Stefan T. and the alleged perpetrator Stefan R.? Much is still in the dark, but it looks as if R. has put long-developed fantasies into practice.

By Solveig Bach On Sunday evening a man walks through the streets of Meckenheim and fires shots with a sharp weapon. Special forces overpower the suspect, who dies seriously injured at the scene. His motive is still unclear. In Nuremberg, two people died on Saturday from being shot in the street.

The suspect arrested shortly afterwards is, according to police, the husband of the female victim. The evidence of a relationship act is confirmed, but not all questions have been clarified. A senior physician in Essen is said to have administered drugs to two corona patients that led to immediate death.

Now patient advocates are calling for all deaths in the vicinity of the alleged perpetrator to be checked. Could more people fall victim to the doctor? In January, a prison sentence ends that Christian B. has to serve for drug trafficking.

However, he does not come free. The Federal Court of Justice is now rejecting an appeal against a judgment for rape. The 43-year-old has to serve another seven years in prison.

August 1998: Eleven year old Nicky Verstappen is found dead. According to investigators, he was abused. It is one of the most spectacular falls in the Netherlands. A man is not caught until 20 years later. Now a judgment is to be made.

After serving two-thirds of his sentence, Christian B. applies for parole. But the court has serious concerns. It rejects the motion of the man suspected of killing Madeleine McCann.

Again and again there are similar incidents in daycare centers where a certain teacher works. Children endanger their lives because they suffer breathing arrests. The children can be saved again and again, but three-year-old Greta from Viersen cannot. Now the trial against the educator begins. A dispute in Frankfurt an der Oder escalates: visitors to a club are shown outside the door and get reinforcements.

Some of the later accused are Syrian refugees. In the run-up to the trial, the mayor demands the expulsion of the young men. One is now sentenced.

In 1968, Leonard Moses was sentenced to life imprisonment for rioting following Martin Luther King’s murder. He escaped three years later and has lived under a different name ever since. Now chance comes to the aid of the police. In the 1970s, the truck driver Peter Sutcliffe terrified the north of England. At least 13 women fell victim to the “” Yorkshire Ripper “”.

Now the serial killer dies. He previously refused treatment for his Covid 19 disease. “” I couldn’t see her suffer any more, “he says in court. The 92-year-old husband, who suffocated his dependent wife with a blanket, is now sentenced to two years probation for manslaughter.

It’s an extraordinary case, everyone involved is sure of that. In the evening, the police have to go to a domestic dispute at Tegernsee. A man takes his wife hostage. When the mission is over, both people are dead. “Möhnesee (dpa / lnw) – Unusual accident in Möhnesee (Soest district): A man (85) got his car off the road, crashed through a fence, drove over it Roof of a snack bar at the foot of the slope and crashed about 2.5 meters into the parking lot in front of it. As the fire department announced about the accident on Saturday on Sunday, the man was taken to a hospital.

How badly he was injured was initially unclear. At the snack bar, the emergency services only had to secure the neon advertising that the car had carried away from falling. “(Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa / symbol image) Gummersbach (dpa / lnw) – The quarantine at the handball second division club VfL Gummersbach after a positive Corona case This means that the home game against ThSV Eisenach can take place next Friday as planned at 7:00 pm The club announced this on Sunday following a decision by the health department of the Oberbergischer Kreis. Further PCR tests had negative results, only the infected player remains in quarantine. ” (Photo: Oliver Krato / dpa / archive image) There was already a dispute before the opening of the “Bilster Berg” race track in the Teutoburg Forest in 2013.

Now the operator wants other limit values ​​for noise pollution. The district of Höxter rejects this – to protect a nursing home. Minden / Bad Driburg (dpa / lnw) – The operator of the test and presentation route “” Bilster Berg “” in the Teutoburg Forest wants a permit for higher noise pollution on parts of the area. The Höxter district refused this in spring 2017. Now the administrative court in Minden is negotiating the matter. The parties to the dispute met on December 9th. Originally, the approval authorities allowed a noise level of 74 decibels on the 4.2-kilometer stretch in the east curve.

The requirement applies to the protection of the residents of a nursing home in the neighboring Nieheim. The operator must use a monitoring system to monitor compliance with the noise limit values. A noise exposure of 78 to 79 decibels should now be possible.

The circuit has a total of 19 curves and a gradient of 26 percent. Noise is considered harmful to health. That is why strict legal requirements apply. A quiet radio or normal conversation is 60 decibels loud and disturbs concentration.

80 decibels, which occur on main roads, increase the cardiovascular risk with constant exposure, 100 decibels with years of continuous exposure (circular saw, jackhammer, rock concerts) cause hearing damage, a plane taking off 40 meters away or a whistle already cause 140 decibels after a short time for damage. Before the opening of the line, there had already been numerous legal disputes about noise and nature protection. The route was officially opened in June 2013. It was designed by the former racing driver Hermann Tilke, who also built Formula 1 tracks.

Car manufacturers should be able to test and present their products or private individuals should be able to drive out their cars. After more than 80 years there was again the construction of a car circuit in the western federal states. Until 1993 the area was an ammunition depot of the NATO Rhine Army. Most recently there were protests by the citizens’ initiative “” Ruhe am Bilster Berg “” in November 2020. “Essen (dpa / lnw) – A man was run over and critically injured on a street in Essen on Sunday night.

The driver then fled, a police spokesman said on Sunday. The background was initially unclear. “We are therefore urgently looking for witnesses and the driver,” said the spokesman. Whether the stranger hit the man on purpose and then fled is the subject of the investigation.

According to the current status, however, an accident cannot be ruled out. “(Photo: picture alliance / dpa / Symbolbild) Mönchengladbach (dpa / lnw) – Through the city center at 150 kilometers an hour: In Mönchengladbach a sports car driver competed with the police. The car was noticed by patrol officers early on Saturday morning, the police announced on Sunday that when the driver noticed the patrol car, it had sped away.

A little later the car was spotted again. Since the man continued to drive much too fast and also endangered other drivers, the pursuit had to be stopped. According to the police, the driver had rented the car with 610 hp. The sports car was seized, the driver is now being investigated because of the prohibited car race. “Jonathan Tah hit Bielefeld’s Fabian Klos hard in the ankle.