A self assistance anonymous social networking internet site with a big dedicated community who had been addicted

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A self assistance anonymous social networking internet site with a big dedicated community who had been addicted

To it a great deal and are usually most likely relieved so it finished.

A location where you discovered individuals who might get you and shared material using them like concerns, dick pictures, life stories, spam, vents and sarcasm.

An incredible number of concerns and experiences were provided and friendships that are many made.


The city spared lives that are many will have conserved more but had been frozen because of sissy owners perhaps maybe not to be able to deal with brand brand new privacy guidelines and government meddling asking about most of the pedos.

Also, owner Kanjoya is greedy and certainly will get free cash from the frozen web site switching up in Bing queries.

An enjoyable pit that is poorly modded trolls and perverts but normal users were able to ignore that while complaining a great deal. Each Day. Additionally had smart, funny, depressed and all sorts of types of individuals.

Possessed a questionator whom asked silly featured concerns and a much bot that is hated known as EPAllie whom flagged and eliminated concerns unnecessarily.

Fun. Fantastic. Chaotic. May be missed. Everyday lives on in religious descendants like relatetothat, experienceagain and similarworlds etc as well as in hearts of each and every epeep.

The site that is full frozen and you may look it and possess a laugh or wipe away snot due to nostalgia.

Rumoured to be unfrozen 1 day, maybe as soon as the sunlight melts our planet while being a giant that is red.

Rumoured to include all secrets that are enlightening for life.

“Experience task had been my very very very first online house. “

“Totally hooked on it, happy it finished. “

“The application rocked, the internet site sucked. “

Today”I was sent a dick pic. “

“Many liters of bloodstream, snot and rips had been shed by epeeps struggling to deal with its loss”

“The teenagers ruined the internet site. “

“not so long ago, two old fat males perved with one another pretending become young lesbians that are beautiful. 30% of ep. “

“100% of epeeps discovered EP through random Bing queries, most likely for porn or therapy”.

“The concerns area just isn’t intended for statements”

“I’m really ugly”- hot girl in search of attention

“Thank You epeeps for getting me personally, I favor you all, goodbye”

“EP is love, EP is life”

A malfunctioning psychiatric medical center concealed in simple sight. A spot where paint cannot dry as the inmates lick it well the walls and reduced their already substandard IQs and then stumble around babbling incoherently before the wardens return and paint some more. More accurately, it’s spot where rejects through the remaining portion of the internet (and life as a whole) collect to demonstrate each other why this will be therefore.

On display here you will find the saddest of this unfortunate situations. Brainless bimbos, famous brands which will oftimes be refused entry to sit into the market in the Jeremy Kyle Show. The essential spineless and gutless men whom ever lived, each one of these therefore in need of female attention which they also tolerate probably the most blatantly apparent situations of castfishing you are going to ever see, then get upset with YOU once you point this away. The phrase devolution will not suffice. What you should witness here’s real people who possess less ethical and value that is intellectual a night time United states infomercial.

All this is entertaining you might say, however, similar to viewing an old three-legged dog chase its non-existent end. But you can just watch for such a long time before pity takes hold. You are able to just cringe so times that are many a time. 1 or 2 smart individuals nevertheless linger at Experience venture, but just since they have unwell and twisted love of life with no qualms about mocking individuals of inferior cleverness. But become reasonable, they do deserve it. You gotta be cruel become sort often.