How old become the Lifeline Concorde battery packs? Exactly like you explained.

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How old become the Lifeline Concorde battery packs? Exactly like you explained.

You will find 16 in the exact same battery packs, and I also additionally experienced a few of precisely what you’re describing with unequal battery-charging.

With mine, i understand that they’re sulfated to various grade, to make sure that enjoys caused many of the imbalanced recharging voltages. I purchased my Lifelines at a reduced terms as “NEW”, even so they got seated for a long time and happened to be profoundly discharged before I ever have them. In addition ended up establishing my personal charge voltages during the lower conclusion of Lifeline’s referrals, in order that i’dn’t overcharge certain electric batteries.

Works okay for an emergency support battery system which rarely neeed, but they are not at all everything I’d wish be determined by for every day off grid live. Some time, i really hope to get a new set of electric batteries and get to ideal start (and capture good care of all of them).

Re: 48 Volt power bank wiring

The following is Edward’s “keyturbocars” thread in which he did a number of research and evaluating a setup to recover Lifeline AGM batteries:

When the electric batteries in collection (and parallel) are awfully mismatched (in other words., good power in collection with sulphated battery) could cause the unbalanced charging in which one battery was charging you at “low current” as well as the different at “high current”.

Charging/recovering batteries separately may help. Additionally matching batteries by capability (“high” capability in a single sequence, “low” capability in one minute collection sequence) may help as well.

Re: 48 Volt battery financial wiring

I go along with Expenses. Handling each power supply individually is a good idea. I did it and it did assist my personal circumstances. But, my batteries had been yet visited start your circumstance remains maybe not great. Everything is better however.

In the event the battery bank is actually new and in much better situation next mine, subsequently attempting to equalize each battery pack separately according to Lifeline’s process might offer you accomplishment.

Re: 48 Volt battery financial wiring

Latest I inspected the relaxing voltage they were within .01 to .10 of each and every other. (in fact my personal electric batteries never ever “rest”). Simply checked (7:25 PM).. Neg area parallel batteries at 12.75v, .07 to .10 raised above all the battery packs approximately a 150w to 200w burden.

I got myself the first two battery packs March ’10 therefore the latest sequence of four in Oct ’10. (by-the-way, a couple of strings have released batteries (12.5 – 12.7). I becamen’t very happy to has compensated that kinda revenue for new battery packs and then have to invest several days battery charging them before i possibly could make use of them).

Overall, I’m ecstatic using these little Lifeline electric batteries..

I have another tiny 4-battery-12v-system of Costco wet-cell battery packs. Touch greater in total amp hrs compared to Lifelines however, they simply are unable to get most of lots for a long time set alongside the lifelines

Re: 48 Volt power bank wiring

The electric batteries are (and generally are) in a lot better profile than my own were. If memory serves me appropriate, i do believe a few of my personal batteries had been checking out as little as 11.5V as I got all of them outside of the bins. They sat for just two MANY YEARS before i got myself all of them. Different battery packs are larger, nevertheless they comprise all over. They certainly were all low!

I thought I happened to be getting a great deal paying around 1/3 rates (getting 3 for the price of 1)!. In reality I found myself paying loads for scrap contribute! UGH! It’s incredible at how well obtained appear around things deciding on, but they are not at all whatever should really be. 1 day we decide to still do it. For now, these are typically enough for just what Now I need.

As time goes on, let me get two chain with the 6V Lifeline GPL-6CT (oversized golf cart dimensions) which are rated at 300A/H each. Now, I’m going to be sure that they have been factory fresh as well as from same whole lot. And that I’m going to treat them as if they are created from GOLD!

Re: 48 Volt battery pack bank wiring

Thanks a lot and you will program David the design.

Re: 48 Volt power bank wiring

I am not saying a fan of cross trapping batteries various strings. I like to help keep each string as separate.

Crosstrapping will make it harder to identify an electric battery heading poor. It possess a better chance of taking out fully extra close batteries once the poor power initiate elevating the charge voltage on different electric batteries. You can easily juggle battery packs around often to complement upwards series linked current per power supply and current per string.

We have ten chain of four series 12v electric batteries (forty electric batteries).

I’ve 100 amp shunts on negative lead for each of this chain and track each battery packs voltage on a regular basis. I’ve one common 500 amp shunt for a trimetric watch.

I have two parallel strings per cart (about 550 pounds per cart) with 350 amp Anderson connector each associated with five carts. Carts take casters making it simple to draw the Anderson connector and move a single cart away for provider.

Each cart is actually 27″ lengthy, 24″ higher, and 15″ rich thus doesn’t take up extreme area from wall structure. Welded all five with each other, generally from salvaged bedframe angle metal.

Become working this config for around 15 years. The 5th cart at much correct is an after increase and never matched up for wire length but There isn’t much voltage variance because low current per sequence making use of 2/0 interconnects.