SLIDESHOW: 15 In The Hottest Gay Daddies. All daddies will want to look this good!

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SLIDESHOW: 15 In The Hottest Gay Daddies. All daddies will want to look this good!

The Academy Award nominated manager of valuable in addition to coming Lee Daniels The Butler has the degree, compassion, and intellect we count on from a genuine daddy. And 53-year older Daniels certainly knows how to rock a graying mustache, also!

Admittedly, at 41, Ricky Martin is more of a Daddy in Instruction, but the guy becomes points if you are an ACTUAL daddy the pop celebrity could be the father of two double men.

Brand new York nightlife promoter (and unofficial king of Fire isle) may be most widely known for finding hot dudes to lose their unique clothing (the previous Playgirl VP apparently regulates the NY go-go man provide), but at 46, hes deciding into daddydom by tempering dog dating online bacchanal evenings with respectability. This March, Nardicio (pictured with Levi Johnston) created a sold-out tv series with Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming at community hallway.

All daddies should look this good! We do not also have to point out their porn job, which he didnt begin until he was almost 40, because hes further carried out outside the smaller display screen. Judson try a noted film author (Whit Stillmans city), Broadway star (42nd road), publisher (Laid simple), and a cabaret superstar, too. Plus, he resides in a cabin in upstate nyc where the guy chops timber. Could the guy bring much better?

A rocker daddy most popular for his energy because of the rings Husker Du and glucose, musician Bob Mould is just as skilled playing unicamente not that Mould, 52, needs to have to look too far for ready collaborators.

Marc Jacobs has slimmed straight down and nicely toned right up in recent years, but hed end up being a deserving father no matter what he looked like. Hes bright, bold, creative, and he certain is able to layout garments. Fifty years old but still as alluring, he could be.

This daddy have pals and associations in higher locations. While, yes, Jeremy Bernards task as light home public assistant dominates his life, but you can be certain this 51-year old knows how to program visitors a good time.

Just what effective is a father without just a little sleaze? Harvey Levin, the guy behind TMZ, doesnt head bottom-feeding and neither can we. And also you seen his weapons? (naturally you may have.)

Hes not merely the father of Gawker mass media empire, Nick Denton is a sterling daddy. Together with his roguish eterna-stubble therefore the periodic clue of obtained pronunciation, the gossip-monger wouldnt be out of place in an 80s comedy as Harvey Levins country house cousin. But, alas, 46-year old Denton presently shares his dining table at Balthazar with actor/fiance Derrence Arizona.

a reporter with a heart of gold and whos not afraid of accepting old-fashioned haters, Dan Savage understands anything or two about any of it field of ours. And, like an effective daddy, hes not afraid to show what hes discovered. Sadly for many of us pining after Savage, hes had gotten men, Terry Miller, the exceedingly hunky spouse with who hes elevating a son.

Summer seasons from inside the Hamptons, winter seasons in Mexico. At 70, Calvin Klein is the one gold daddy just who isnt slowing down. The makers relationship with pretty boy Nick Gruber 47 age his junior might-have-been tumultuous, nevertheless was actually never boring. Both are no longer end up being paragliding in Aspen, but defensive Calvins held Gruber nearby the tag of a adult father.

Theres anything thus beautiful about a person which speaks his head. Although the fiery former agent from Massachusetts might have leftover his long-time chair in Congress where the guy excoriated anyone from statement OReilly to Paul Ryan that doesnt mean hes getting any less … frank. A week ago, the guy was released as a pot-smoking atheist. Happy to learn this daddy provides a softer area, too.

Hes connected! Hes good-looking! Hes a poet! As founder of, 46-year old Towle is ground zero for gay reports for more than 10 years, in a position to deliver big awareness of homosexual dilemmas from Russian hate legislation to lightweight separate flicks with some keyboard strokes. And like most good Daddy, hes come on the reverse side Towle used to be a pool child within ship slide in Provincetown. Now thats a story wed want to see a link to …

Certain, Anderson Cooper could be the gay galaxies go-to silver fox, but often we wish a daddy whos a little less shiny. Not to mention that Andy Cohens clubby Watch What Happens alive set is the quintessential father den one where we wouldnt thinking flowing a drink after the tv show concludes in addition to lighting go lower.

Andrew Sullivan will be the quintessential homosexual daddy and not just because the guy converts 50 on the weekend. (No keyword if hell be remembering the major time in Provincetown.) The gay politico is both hot and stern and, like any close daddy, intention on creating a distinction. Whether you accept his strategies and ends, however, continues to be a point of style.